10-day silent retreat

6th-15th October 2018, Hidden Paradise Retreat Center, Spain


10-day silent retreat facilitated by Mateo.  The daily sessions will be a mixture of movement and dance, breath-work, transmission, dialogue, partner work, and pointers to deeper realization, and healing.

The work will have it's foundation in the alignment of each individual to Truth, and how life not only during retreat, but also after retreat can be lived from, and in alignment with Truth.


When and Where:

6th-15th October, 2018, in Hidden Paradise Retreat Center, Alpujarras, Spain. Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes drive from Malaga Airport, and one hour drive from Granada Airport.

For more information on transportation see "FAQ" section at the bottom of this page.


Mateo works and transmits directly through what has been realized within. Although there are set daily times in which we will meet, what happens in each meeting will depend entirely on the energy of the group, and on what wants to unfold moment to moment. On average, you will spend around 5 formal hours with Mateo every day. There will be a specific ceremony during the retreat, and you will get more information about this a few months before the retreat. There will also be a cinema night in addition to the general schedule if/when appropriate. The 10 days will be full, and you can expect to spend most of the time deepening and integrating.


Schedule (9 nights/10 days):

6th October - arrival:

Arrival  + landing. Arrival around 12:00.
Evening meeting (Welcome and energy synchronization)

7th October- 12th October:

2 hour morning meeting   (Sitting meditation/movement/partner work/clarification)
1 hour afternoon meeting. (Dialogue and clarification)
2 hour evening meeting. (Sitting meditation/movement/partner work/clarification)

13th October:

2 hour morning meeting   (Sitting meditation/movement/partner work/clarification)
2 hour afternoon meeting.  (Sitting meditation/movement/partner work/clarification)
Evening ceremony (more info before retreat)

14th October:

2 hour morning meeting   (Sitting meditation/movement/partner work/clarification)
1 hour afternoon meeting. (Dialogue and clarification)
2 hour evening meeting. (Sitting meditation/movement/partner work/clarification)

15th October departure:

2 hour morning meeting and departure. Departure around 13:00.

About Mateo:

I was born in Denmark. In my early childhood, I would ponder koans that spontaneously showed up in my mind, and I would enter deeper states of Reality. As a child, there was no conceptual understanding of what these deeper levels were, and the koans were a mere game I enjoyed playing by myself.

Around the age of 7 I shut down any interest in these inner levels after noticing that adults didn’t understand, and even had a negative reaction to my inner experiences when I discussed them, or asked about them.

Life was lived in a very materialistic way after this, and I didn’t feel any real spiritual connection.  At age 23, after having achieved many personal goals, I entered a crisis and encountered a very deep feeling of emptiness. This was the beginning of the end of what I had known myself to be, and how I had lived this life.

The subsequent years were filled with death and rebirth, realizations, and deep dark nights of the soul. Today, everything has changed, and nothing has changed. The process of deepening continues with greater speed than ever, and although there have been many profound realizations, the most important thing seems to be the continuous, moment to moment surrender of everything… Love…

My work

My work is a direct extension of what I am and what I live. It can take many different forms, depending on the person or group I am working with, and what is needed in any given situation.

There can be deep healings, dissolution of core patterns and woundings, as well as openings to deeper and higher levels of Reality. The common thread in the work I offer is always the love of Truth, and of connecting with the knowing within our Hearts.

If we haven’t already, perhaps we will connect at some point… With deep Love, Mateo…

Hidden Paradise Retreat Center:


Hidden Paradise Retreat Center is an amazing venue in the foothills of the Alpujarra mountains in Spain. The stunning location of the venue, along with the care and love of the Hidden Paradise team, offers a feeling of safety and of being fully held by all the natural elements.

The center is powered completely off grid, with all electricity & hot water coming from solar systems.



Food will be vegetarian and vegan dishes and will be locally-sourced ingredients, and organic where possible. Water straight from the mountain spring, as well as hot tea will be available all day.

The kitchen will be able to accommodate allergies to particular foods and/or all vegan if need be. After registering you will receive a questionnaire where you can specify any special dietary needs. If you have special dietary needs, complete your registration and notify us about these at least 3 weeks before the retreat begins.

Included in the price:

3 x healthy and supporting meals a day.
All drinks and snacks.



Single room: 1100 Euro (limited availability- first come, first served).
Double room: 1050 Euro.
Dorm room: 950 Euro.

Price includes: All meals, drinks, accommodation for 10 days/9 nights, and all sessions with Mateo.
Price does not include: Transportation to/from Hidden Paradise Retreat Center.



To register and reserve your space, you can pay the non-refundable deposit of 150 Euro. Remaining payment is due at the beginning of retreat. After registration, send an email to mateo@mateotabatabai.com and specify the room type you would like, along with the paypal account you paid from. Allow up to 72 hours for confirmation.


Registration & Payment Options

Read before registering:


Carefully read the the few paragraphs below, and note that signing up to the retreat implies that you agree with all conditions.

Terms and conditions:

The retreat will be video and audio recorded, both of which might be published on various platforms by Mateo. Video recordings will only be of Mateo, and not of any other participants. You might appear on photographs with Mateo.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Registration is open for everyone. However, in some cases the retreat won't be suitable for a particular participant. If Mateo feels this, he will let you know and refund your deposit.

General conduct:

The work with Mateo can be very powerful and there can be openings to deeper states of consciousness, as well as deeper levels of unfelt pain. By signing up to the retreat you are agreeing to take responsibility for whatever is awakened in you. A general care and respect is also expected for Mateo, yourself, the other participants, as well as the team working at Hidden Paradise Retreat Center.

If this bottomline level of care for your surroundings is disregarded, you can be asked to leave the session and/or retreat.

Alcohol and other consciousness altering drugs are not allowed at the retreat. If you are taking psychopharmaceuticals, get in touch with Mateo before signing up.


For questions, enquiries and any doubts about whether this retreat is suited for you, get in touch with Mateo at mateo@mateotabatabai.com

Frequently Asked Questions:


What does silent retreat mean? +

The framework for the retreat will be silence and outside of sessions, speech is limited to the bare minimum needed for practicals during the retreat stay. This is a gift to yourself and to all participants, allowing for the full landing of all of your vital energy back into your Self, and into your deepening.

The silent container is also an invitation for each participant to fully focus on themselves, as there will be plenty to digest and feel between each meeting.

In sessions there will be ample possibility for questions, clarification and sharing.

How to get to Hidden Paradise Retreat center? +

Hidden Paradise Retreat Center is located about 1 hour and 45 minutes drive from Malaga Airport, and 1 hour drive from Granada Airport.  The center is about 15 minutes drive from Orgiva, a town in the South of Spain.

Malaga airport is an active airport with easy flight access from many different locations in Europe.

There are busses that go from Malaga Airport to Orgiva.  From Orgiva you can carpool with other participants for a 15 minute drive up to Hidden Paradise.

There will also be the option of back and forth car transportation to Malaga Airport before, and after the retreat. If you carpool with other participants the price will be cheaper.

For people who would like a ride from Malaga Airport:

About 60 days before the retreat we will contact you with more information, and contact info of specific drivers who will be offering back and forth transportation. The price for this is about 100 Euro per car, each way (it can be a little cheaper, or a little more expensive depending on the specific driver). You can save a lot by arranging to share each car with other participants, and we will create a facebook group where participants can communicate, and coordinate together.

A bus from Malaga Airport to Orgiva is about 40 Euro, so if you share a car with 2-3 people you get a much easier ride for almost the same price as taking the bus. And whereas the bus will only go to Orgiva, the car option will take you all the way to Hidden Paradise Retreat Center.

For people who would like a ride from Orgiva:

For people who prefer to take the bus, or are local residents, car pooling from Orgiva (15 minute drive) can also be coordinated in the same facebook group.


Note: We make no profit on transportation and we have no say in the price Hidden Paradise Retreat Center, or other independent drivers charge for the trip. We will simply help by putting you in touch with drivers who are offering their transportation services, as well as offer a way of coordinating your trip with other participants of the retreat.

What happens after I register? +

After registration, send an email to mateo@mateotabatabai.com and specify the room type you would like, along with the paypal account you paid from.

I will send you a confirmation, as well as a questionnaire to fill out regarding the practicals of the retreat. This includes your chosen arrival time and whether you have any special dietary needs. Please allow up to 72 hours for this.

Is the retreat suited for me? +

If you resonate with what Mateo is and offers, the retreat is probably a good match for you. If you don't exactly understand what this retreat is about, but you have a knowing in your Heart to come, the retreat is probably a good match for you.

The most important thing isn't how much or how little work you have done before, the most important factor in attending is your willingness for Truth. Your willingness to receive, to shed and to transform.

If you are in doubt, get in touch with Mateo at mateo@mateotabatabai.com

What is the cancellation policy? +

Deposits are non-refundable and giving your space to someone else is generally not allowed.

Arriving early and/or leaving later? +

Hidden Paradise Retreat Center are not offering the possibility to arrive earlier, or depart later than the actual retreat period of 6th-15th October.

It is however recommended to arrive at least day earlier if you are flying in internationally, giving you some time to just land in Spain and get ready for the deep dive. There are different accommodation options in Orgiva which is 15 minutes from Hidden Paradise Retreat Center, both in Hostels and also with contacts of the Hidden Paradise Retreat Center. These options might fill up, so if you are interested get in touch and we will give you a list of the different places in and around Orgiva.

Note: We are doing this as an assistance to people who might want to come to Spain a day or two earlier, and/or leave a day or two later. We are just offering a list of potential places, and it is each participants own responsibility to arrange this accommodation.

What to bring and what not to bring? +

 List of beneficial things to bring:

Notebook and pen, water bottle, loose and layered clothing, shoes that are easy to take on and off, flashlight and swimming clothes.

What to not bring:

Hidden Paradise Retreat Center, asks that you do not use hair dryers, irons, or travel kettles at the center as this might trip up their electricity.

How to prepare for the retreat? +

Some suggestions to get the most from the retreat:

It is highly recommended to take a break from social media, internet and any type of work for the duration of the retreat. Ideally you will do everything that needs to be done before the retreat, and set up things so that you can go undisturbed, and without need to go online for the full 10 days.

It is also recommended to schedule your travels so that you can have at least a day or two before and after the retreat. Time to just be, and get accustomed to the newly uncovered you in an easy tempo.

Treat the retreat as a gift to your self, and an opportunity to fully reset and let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Take care of whatever loose ends that are waiting in your life, so that you seal any holes where you are currently leaking energy. This will allow you to focus fully on the gift of retreat you are blessing yourself with.

For other questions or enquiries:


 Contact Mateo at mateo@mateotabatabai.com
You can also contact Mateo on his public Facebook page.